Terrarium TV App Download – Latest Android Movies

If you’re a movie hopper and loves binge-watching, you’ve got an impressive app up your sleeves – Terrarium TV. It’s arguably the best thing for movie buffs on the internet right now! And, it’s been so outstandingly done that you’ll love every second of it. The best part is that the app hasn’t stopped growing ever since it was launched to the global scene. The developer is constantly working on it to add more features, extend its capabilities and clear up bugs time to time.

Terrarium TV app is a great innovation, and among the top-of-the-line choices for watching 1080p HD movies, music, TV shows, documentaries and more, at no cost. It’s very user-friendly, fairly easy to navigate and has one incredibly interesting library, which is constantly updated to bring the latest movies and TV shows straight to your couch. What’s beautiful about Terrarium TV app’s download is its quality quotient. It scours a hundred of sites to get different HD links of different viewing quality for you to choose from.

Terrarium TV App Download - Latest Android Movies

Name Of The App Terrarium TV
Category Video streaming, Entertainment
Publisher NitroXenon (Peter Chan)
Official URL  https://terrariumtv.ooo
Supported Operating System Android
Date Published
Current Version 1.9.2
Previous Version 1.9.0
Download File Size 22.5 MB
Package Name com.nitroxenon.terrarium
Features Stream HD Movies & TV shows
Minimum Requirement Android 4.0+
File Size 22.5 MB

The most common problem with streaming channels these days is the heavy limitations on watching content and the huge price tags. But, the experience with Terrarium TV app takes a different route. There are no limitations on the content you can watch. You are clearly diving in the sea of entertainment with this movie streaming app. Once you’ve installed the app, all you have is an unfettered supply of movies and TV shows you love, and that too, for no subscription cost at all. Absolutely free. That makes Terrarium app an easy-on-the-pocket option with no monthly fees and all that ridiculous jazz. You can find an amazing collection at one convenient place. Pretty much convincing, right?

Notable Features

Available for Free: Terrarium TV is absolutely free. You can watch a truckload of content without shelling out any money.

Full HD Content: It has the cream of 4k content with over 40 movies available in high-end resolution. Not just 4K, you can watch HD (720) and Full HD (1080) content with no conditions. This means, resolution is no barrier at all. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in brilliant image quality.  

Faster Streaming: It is fast. The servers installed are exceptional enough to stream the content with no buffering delays or any possible lags.

Vast Collection: As mentioned earlier, downloading Terrarium TV gives you the widest collection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, videos and music, enough for all sorts for entertainment cravings. You can browse the library by categories like ‘Most Popular’, ‘Trending’ and ‘Top-rated’. Also, you can go by genres, such as Adventure, Comedy and Romance. Unsurprisingly, its giant library is one of the reason behind its fantastic run in the markets.

Available for Offline View: Offline viewing is also available. You can simply download the content, save it and watch it anytime later.

Multi-Language Subtitles: Easy access to subtitles makes Terrarium TV a choicest app for entertainment. If you’re keen on exploring movies and TV shows in other languages, the app has a lot to offer.

Multi-Platform Support: The app comes with the support for Android TV, Fire TV and Fire Stick. It also has native Chromecast support.

Mark Favorites: You can mark your favorite movies and TV shows as favorites. This is one great feature if you’re unable to stream content as of now. Just mark it as your ‘favorite’ and it will be available for streaming later. This will also save a lot of time.

New Episode Notification: If you’re watching a TV series, you can set up episode notifications for each time a new episode arrives. This will help you track the TV series better.

Terrarium TV APK – Downloading and Installation

Now that it’s clear why it is a must-have app for non-stop entertainment, we’ve come out with a step-to-step guide to installing it on your Android device. Follow these instructions to get your Terrarium app.

Step 1: Since it is not available on Google Play Store and you need to have a reliable downloading link for any app you’re willing to access, we’ve got you this link below to download Terrarium TV app.

Click HERE to start downloading.

Step 2: Now, go to the ‘Settings’ tab on your device and enable ‘Unknown Sources’ tab to allow installation from third-party sources. After doing so, double tap the APK file on your smartphone and click ‘Install’ option given on the bottom right of the screen.

terrarium tv download

Step 3: Wait till the installation gets completed. Once it gets finished, accept the disclaimer and you can see the app in the main menu of your smartphone. Tap on the icon, fill in your login details and enjoy unlimited supply of entertainment for free.

Despite being such a content-rich app, Terrarium TV is not a heavy app at all. It weighs only 12.3 MB and is fit to run on Android 4.0 or higher.

Terrarium TV App is actually made for smartphones running android but it still can be installed on various devices such as iPhones and windows. Read the entire article and get to know how to install the free movies app on your device. Now, I will talk about the installation process for various devices one by one. Click on the below links or simply scroll over till you find your device installation steps and get rolling.

Terrarium TV – Other Great Features

It is a pretty nice app and an addictive one at that. It makes no empty promises for being easy and versatile. It actually is. Just give it a go and keep yourself entertained thoroughly.

Content Based On Net Speed: Besides free content, it lets you choose the size of the file depending on your internet speed. Since low internet means a lot of buffering issues and plenty of interruptions, it irons out all these problems by letting you choose the right kind of file to watch according to your internet speed and ensuring no jerks as you watch your favorite movie/TV show.

Support for Subtitles: It supports 4 subtitles. You can easily set the Subtitle language by visiting the Settings tab >> Choose Subtitles Language(s) >> Click OK.

Mind you, the app doesn’t write subtitles on its own, but sources them from other sources. If the subtitles don’t sync with the video, you need to check the server you’ve selected for watching the video. There are some media players, which have the option for syncing the video. Try looking for it in the media player you’re using.

Compatible to PC & Mac, Besides Android: Terrarium TV is an Android-exclusive. Very much. But, you can have it on your Windows PC and Mac as well. However, you need to download BlueStacks emulator first to have this app on your PC or Mac. Read it here.

Legal: Terrarium TV is indeed a legitimate way of watching movies and TV shows, for a reason that it’s a streaming, rather than a torrenting technology. To speak simply, the app just picks up the content from other websites and streams for its viewers. The source links are adequately mentioned. Since neither of the content is hosted, Terrarium TV movies app is free of any legal breach. But, here’s a caveat – you cannot share or upload videos on the movies app, because that will amount to copyright violation. And, this is serious. You can be either liable to pay a hefty penalty sum, or put straight behind the bars (if the level of breach is major).

Final Words

With so much awesomeness packed in an APK, Terrarium TV app is here to rule the roost. It is one declutter app that provides easy navigation, has the most variety of movies and TV shows to watch, and doesn’t require to cough up any money for its services. Less wonder, it’s one hell of a Showbox killer, and is designed for all the greatness.

To download it, click HERE and follow the instructions as mentioned above.

FAQs (Fix all your issue’s)

  1. How Terrarium TV  download actually works?

Terrarium TV simply collects and combines links from across the web and displays them on a clear UI that’s quick to access. You get updated content and a quality one at that. It doesn’t host any of the video links. It just lets you stream at a fair speed.

  1. Is Terrarium TV similar to Torrents?

Absolutely no. It sources links from other websites, instead of hosting them. it’s a streaming, instead of a torrenting technology. There are no legal issues involved unless, of course, you share or upload the videos.

  1. Is an ad-free version of Terrarium TV app available?

At present, the movies app is yet to have an ad-free version. It’s only up to the developers to make one, but seems that there is no plan to develop an ad-free TTV anytime soon. You might find some web links claiming to offer Terrarium TV ad-free APK, but remember that they aren’t official or supported platforms. If you decide to hit the download on any such source, you’re at your own risk.

Some might even tell you to donate to Terrarium TV, so that you become a Premium user and are given the access to use ad-free version. But again, at this moment, you can’t even opt for donation due to potential legal hassles and technical limitations.

  1. Can you request content on Terrarium TV?

Alas! You cannot request a movie or a show on the app. The app keeps upgrading its library constantly to suit the requirements. If you’re looking for something latest, you need to wait till the app itself introduces it.

  1. How many permissions does Terrarium TV ask for?

The movies app asks three permissions in total – Storage (for playing the video); Location (for targeted ads) and Contact (for accessing your email address and knowing if you’re a premium user or not). And since Terrarium’s premium account isn’t available at the moment, you can simply opt to deny this permission.

  1. Is VPN required to use Terrarium TV?

Since app doesn’t host any video, rather streams it, there is no need to use a VPN or a proxy server to use it. The app simply aggregates links from other sources and streams it when you ask for it. There is no torrenting or P2P activities happening here. Unlike torrents where every leech/seed attempt is kept at close vigil by copyright holders, only to nip the torrenting activities in bud via copyright infringement laws, Terrarium TV is far from the eye of copyright champions and allows private viewing.

Since streaming is what Terrarium does, these copyright holders can never analyze if the streamed content is copyrighted or not. And that’s how a user is well-insulated.

  1. Can Terrarium TV auto-play the next episode?

There is no way to customize the Terrarium APK to autoplay the next episode. You’ll have to do all that manually.

Download Terrarium TV

  1. How can I change the language for OpenSubtitles and Subscene Service?

That’s pretty easy. Just go the Settings >> Choose Subtitles Language >> Select the Language >> Hit Ok. You’re done!

  1. How can I find subtitles (when they aren’t available automatically) for what I’m watching?

The developer is on the issue and creating an in-built download manager, so that you can easily download the subtitles from the app itself and watch the content. That being said, we’ve mentioned how subtitles utility on Terrarium TV app works. It doesn’t write subtitles on its own, but sources them from other sources. If the subtitles don’t sync with the video, you need to check the server you’ve selected for watching the video. There are some media players, ,like MX Player, which have the option for syncing the video. Try looking for it in the media player you’re using.

  1. I can’t find the Anime section on my Terrarium APK. Is it missing?

No, it isn’t missing. In fact, there is no Anime section on Terrarium TV. Stay hopeful that something works out in the future.

  1. What to do if Terrarium TV constantly crashes?

Go to the Terrarium TV APK and disable ‘Resolve All Links Immediately. This is the most common way of solving the ‘crash’ problem. This mostly works.

  1. Does the app have Live TV?

The answer is a disapproving NO.

  1. Why are the file sizes for some links not available?

Check if you’ve enabled ‘Resolve All Links Immediately’ or ‘Filter Out Dead Links’. That’s when you stop viewing the file sizes for videos.

  1. Can I get Terrarium TV on Roku/PS4/XBox/IOS?

The movie streaming app is available for Android only. You can use an emulator like BlueStacks to get it on your Windows device. The process of downloading Terrarium TV for Windows is mentioned HERE. It is further downloadable and accessible on Fire TV, Fire Stick and Android TV. Also, it has native Chromecast support.

It isn’t available for Roku, PS4 and XBOX.

  1. Update notifications don’t show up. What to do?

The solution is very simple. You have to clear out the cache files first and reopen Terrarium TV APK app. This should solve the issue.

  1. I’m unable to update Terrarium APK app on Android 8.0.0?

Generally, users simply allow ‘unknown sources’ to have APK files on their device. Your problem has got something to do with the same. Android 8.0.0 allows apps from ‘unknown sources’, but this is done on per app basis.