[FIXED] Terrarium TV Not Working Error : No Data Issue

Are you trying to run Terrarium TV but can’t seem to get it to work? Perhaps the screen is turning pitch black, or you’re getting a buffering indication since forever without having the content play. Whatever be the case, we have a complete list of problems followed by their solutions in this giant and exhaustive Terrarium TV troubleshooting guide.

If you find some problem not dealt with in the list, you can let us know in the comments, or share with the user community on the app’s subreddit.

Let’s list the problems one by one and then their solutions.

Why Terrarium TV Could Not Be Working And Some Solutions

Getting a Black Screen

A lot of people assume that getting a black screen means the app has crashed. That need not always be the case. If you want to know how to tell them apart, the easiest thing to do is to swipe downwards on your Android screen and see if you can reach the notification tray. If you can, your app is working, only showing a blank screen. If you can’t and the screen remains dark, your device may have shut down, which signals that you’ve stuffed too much into your phone and perhaps need to lighten its load a little. An app crash usually reverts the phone to the home screen or the home menu. Now, how to take care of it. Here are a few options to try.

terrarium tv not working

  • Disable Ad blocker software. Ad blockers can sometimes only be able to block ad content from showing up, not the ad itself. Such an ad would look black and just sit on top of the screen. Try switching ad blockers or turning them off altogether.
  • If you think the problem is in the content you’re trying to view, try using a different video player, or a different link in the list on the app. GoogleVideo links play the fastest, Putlocker links are arguably the most reliable, and MX Player Pro and VLC Media Player are the best options to try out.
  • Clear your memory to boost buffering and function. If your phone is clogged with stuff, apps can have a hard time running. A good option is to clear the memory of cached data and stuff you don’t use. Avoid apps that bloat as well.

Links won’t show up when you press play

Another problem often reported is not having links show up when you press Play on the screen. There is nothing wrong with your device, relax. Here are some ways to fix it.

  • The content you’re trying to watch may not have any links added to it in the first place. The app developer usually waits to find good quality links that run respectably well, so that users don’t end up loading a hundred links only to see the movie play in CAM prints.
  • If you’re sure the links are up, like if you’ve seen others in your circle watch the movie, the app could be taking time to load the links because of slow internet. Reboot your router or reconnect with the WiFi network. Clearing the cache could help the processor cope with incoming links better as well.

Can’t Find the movie or TV show episode you’re looking for

Terrarium TV has the most exhaustive collection of content anywhere on the internet. However, it can be that your movie or latest episode of a TV show you follow hasn’t made it to the app’s library yet. There could be a few reasons behind this…

  • The content might not have been out too long to be uploaded to servers and updated to the app.
  • It might be a very specific piece of content you’re looking for that’s relatively unheard of.
  • Your content is not visible because of one of the reasons listed in previous topics.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to change how things are. You can only wait. The developer listens to content requests on the Subreddit, so you may consider submitting a thread to the community. If your content was aired less than 48 hours ago, it might be prudent to be a little patient and wait for it to come online. Alternatively, if you’re looking for some really specific content, you could try using a niche-specific app like Snag Films or Viewster, for indie/non-commercial cinema and Anime, respectively.

Terrarium TV keeps crashing

It is possible for an app to crash, whatever be its size. The app is not to blame in most cases, but the clogged memory of the device, saturated with stuff you probably don’t use and perhaps even don’t know exists on your phone. Get rid of it to help things along. Here are a few things you can do to keep apps from crashing on your phone.

terrarium tv apk

  • Empty out your phone. Your phone doesn’t have it easy storing and processing all the information you’ve stored on it needlessly. If your phone doesn’t have enough memory to process information, it is going to lag, and if it gets bad enough, your device will crash. Delete unnecessary files and folders, apps, games and documents. If you’d rather not delete and lose them forever, consider moving them to an online drive and deleting them from your hard storage.
  • If your processor is the problem, there is little you can do except switch to a faster, more competitive device. Avoid multitasking on your device, and run things slow when you know they’ll cause your device to hang.

Too many ads keeping you from enjoying the content

While the number of ads have generally gone down to quite an admirable extent, things are not good enough for many fans who’d rather eliminate ads altogether. The developer did in the past initiate an ad-free version, but due to some logistical restrictions, he had to cancel the ad-free venture and the money was promptly refunded. The option is still available, but it doesn’t proceed. There are ways you can further reduce the number of ads you see, though.

  • Download an ad blocker software. It is a no-brainer, really. You can toggle it on and off if you face problems we dealt with in a previous section.
  • If the ads that play are not to your liking, you can manage ad preferences in your Google settings, or use a VPN if you’re not entirely comfortable with the ad content being broadcast to your device customised to your locality.

Any other problems you’re facing? We’d love to take a look at them and help you get through the issues. Or, you can look up the app’s subreddit for more (link shared above). Also, do let us know of any other reasons you find behind why Terrarium TV is n

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  1. Once I click play movie the screen turns dim, where you can barely see the image. It seems like It would play but very dim.
    Brightest is always set high.
    Device lg stylo 2 phone. It has worked fine for a while.

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