What Major Factors Make Terrarium TV a Perfect ShowBox Killer

Terrarium TV is an app that lets you stream movies and TV shows in HD quality for free. We all love watching movies and it is one of the best ways for most of us to kill time. When it comes to apps that stream content online then it becomes hard for us to choose one app that does it all. From last few years showbox has been the biggest grosser in terms of the users that an app can gather but now there is one more app that has come which is better than Showbox in every aspect.

It is called Terrarium TV. It is hard to pass a single day without watching anything on TV and here comes the role of Terrarium TV app. There are many disadvantages with watching shows on TV, it is not in your control and so you will have to adjust your timings as per the show but when you are having an app that has it all then there is no need to switch your timings. You can watch everything at your ease.

terrarium tv VS showbox

These days videos are the best form of entertainment. We love watching them and they are the best form of entertainment to kill time. When on phone, you have tons of options to kill time whether in the form of game or simply doing binge watching. Let us see at the major factors which make terrarium TV an absolute favorite when compared to showbox.

When it comes to optimization then terrarium TV is far better than showbox because showbox is around 39.28 MB which can further increase as it starts to store in more and more of your cache but when it comes to terrarium TV then the app is only 15 MB which makes it lighter and more optimized than terrarium TV.

Terrarium TV apk has got a vast and a huge variety of movies that are available at display. When compared to showbox, the app has tons of great movies and even more. If you use the terrarium TV app, you will get around 50 4k movies. All of them are in super quality as they are in 4k. The best part is that 4k movies are yet to become a rage and in such a time, you already have the 4k movies here so one can imagine the amount of clarity that the video will showcase.

The variety ranges a lot from genres like action, fiction, documentaries, romantic, comedy, animated and few more choices. Terrarium TV has old movies that are classic hits. They are from all the different parts of the world. There is also the facility for you to mark the movies as your favorite so you can watch them whenever you want on will. The app also has support for chromecast which means all you need will be 3 devices. You will require a chromecast device, your smartphone and a TV and once you have these 3 things then you can easily stream content from your phone to your TV. The support for the app is not just limited to chromecast, it even supports amazon firestick.

showbox killer

Another interesting aspect of the app is that since the app is totally free, there are no hidden charges and you won’t be asked to pay to watch anything over the app.

Speed: When it comes to using the showbox app, the actual problem is the speed. It has a very poor speed. They use servers which are outdated. When that happens, you get very poor experience as who would love to be disturbed in the middle of your watching experience due to some really poor buffering that keeps tampering with the whole experience. When the same comes to Terrarium TV, you get excellent speed and that is because terrarium TV stream most of its content from high quality servers.

Showbox as an app takes away way too much memory inside the phone but when it comes to terrarium TV app, then you see it doesn’t take away that huge amount of memory instead you might see certain cache pile up but it will always be less when  compared to that of showbox.

Showbox is always updated frequently and due to which many a times certain bug keeps fiddling with the whole experience. The same when it comes to terrarium TV, there are not many frequent updates. Even the whole movie collection keeps getting refreshed so you always get to see the latest movies.

Since showbox as an app is so popular so the app has server issues very frequently. One can be free if you have installed terrarium TV as with this app, you will not have to deal with much mess due to a great team of developers who strive to make the app as awesome as possible.

Even the user interface of terrarium TV looks great when compared to showbox. Everything looks clean and crisp. Have a great time doing binge watching. 

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